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Sustainable General Practice

RCGP and the climate emergency

The RCGP acknowledges the climate crisis and the catastrophic effect on human health of not acting decisively and urgently. The College accepts its duty to provide leadership, and urgently escalate its action at local, regional, and national level to decarbonise and promote environmental sustainability (RCGP council motion, September 2019).

The RCGP is a signature to the Sao Paulo Declarationthat gives every person, in every place, from every calling a role to play in safeguarding the health of the planet and people for future generations.

There are three main ways RCGP can act:

  1. In General Practice: influencing, advising and supporting general practice, our patients and healthcare everywhere to increase sustainability and reduce carbon emissions
  2. with other organisations to achieve common goals
  3. at RCGP: taking direct action as a property owner, landlord, employer, purchaser to reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainable practice working towards our RCGP greener practice award

  • Practical Ways To Reduce Single Plastic Use and Reuse

1. Use reusable bags, straws, boxes, and other gadgets as opposed to unmarried-use plastic luggage, straws, and bins.

2. Buy a great reusable water bottle and hold it with you all day to refill.

3. Purchase a reusable straw, which can range from BPA-loose plastic straws to glass or steel.

4. For purchasing, use material produce bags (and don’t forget them at home; leave them in your vehicle!)

  • Recycled and double printed paper.
  • Products that are available, whether for coffee, chocolate, or clothes, tend to be high quality. So choosing Fair Trade products can be a way to treat yourself and help others out of poverty at the same time.
  • Asthma Patients Urged To Use 'Environmentally Friendly' Inhalers – But They're Not For Everyone Switching to “green” versions like dry powder inhalers could cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce NHS drug costs, says a new study.
  • To achieve low energy buildings, the main considerations are high standards of insulation & draught-proofing, and adequate ventilation without heat loss. Good-quality detailing around doors and windows will minimise draughts and heat loss. Argon-filled double-glazing with a ‘low-e’ coating is the most efficient type of pane.

Simple changes that can help to save the planet

Working together for a greener NHS

Inhaler Review