Infection prevention & control annual statement

May 2021 Station Road Surgery


This statement will be generated annually in accordance with requirements of Health & Social care Act 2008. It summarises

  • Any infection/ transmission incidents that have occurred and actions taken
  • Details of any infection control audits and actions undertaken
  • Details of risk assessments undertaken for IPC
  • Details of Staff Training
  • Any reviews of policies, procedures or guidelines

Infection Prevention & Control at Station Road Surgery is led by Practice Nurses Lesley Healy and Selina Howard.  They are supported by the practice Manger Denise Gubbins and Senior GP Colleagues.  Both Lead Nurses have completed regular update training which is currently in date. This has been delivered online due to restrictions from COVID pandemic. IPC annual training is mandatory for all clinical staff.

Infection Transmission Incidents (Significant Events)

No significant transmission events or incidents were recorded 2019-2020

Risk assessment COVID 19 Pandemic

Whilst no significant transmission events have occurred by far the biggest risk and threat has come from the world-wide Corona Virus Pandemic. In March 2020 a risk assessment was carried out within the surgery regarding this threat and this was used to plan and implement measures to mitigate the risk from COVID and keep staff and patients safe from virus spread.

Measures instigated included:

  • The creation of an Isolation room for risk patients
  • Provision of correct PPE and training for staff on its use, as per PHE guidance
  • Introduction of robust IPC cleaning processes in all areas, as advised by PHE
  • Introduction of social distancing in all areas of the surgery, including waiting room and all clinical and staff areas
  • Reduction of footfall to the surgery with telephone triage and consultation where possible, as per PHE guidance
  • Shielding of vulnerable staff and use of home working where possible
  • Clear sign posting and procedures for patients visiting the surgery
  • Provision of intercom system
  • Regular communication between staff and management to disseminate rapid changing government guidance and information.
  • Vaccination of all surgery staff against COVID 19

At the time of writing there have been no known cases of Covid 19 infection amongst surgery staff.


The IPC Leads undertake an annual Infection Control Audit (May 2021) and the surgery is subject to Waste Management Audit and Inspection by an external provider.

Selina Howard, Practice Nurse

Station Road Surgery

May 2021